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About Pastor Mae

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Pastor Mae Davis, a real, relevant, and straight forward woman of God, who possess the ability to minister to and empower the lives of others.  Pastor Mae Davis has over 35 years of experience in ministry, receiving her license to preach in 1994.  In 1995, she graduated from The Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, with a certificate in Christian Ministry.  She was ordained in 1998 into the Gospel Ministry by Bishop William J. Scott at Second Pilgrim Baptist Church, where she served as the assistant to the Pastor.  Elevation in the Lord’s church continued over the years as she was ordained an Elder in 2006 and an Overseer in 2019. 

A playwright, author, conference and seminar speaker, Pastor Mae has a passion for pouring into the lives of Wives, the Engaged, Ladies in Waiting, Ladies who want to do it again and to all the Queens she encounter who may need a “Naomi” in their lives.  If she is not preaching and teaching the gospel, she is coaching others in the areas of relationships, marriage, and intimacy. 


Pastor Mae has been married for forty plus years to Pastor Eugene, and they have three sons, raised her two nieces and nephew as her daughters and grandson. They have 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Pastor Mae, along with her husband Pastor Eugene Davis are the Founders and Pastors of the Greater Works Christian Ministries as well as Founders of Evenly Yoked School of Marriage Ministry.  Pastor Mae is also the visionary of The King's Daughters Ministry.  She is a certified Intimacy Coach and has launched Solomon's Chambers Ministry for Sanctified Intimacy.

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